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Classico Summer Rye

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Caesarstone Classico is the most widely used collection and at the very core of our brand. Scratch resistant, non-porous, waterproof, mould and mildew resistant, Classico surfaces are suitable for kitchen and bathroom applications, retaining their natural beauty and functionality. Classico surfaces never require sealing. Large slabs provide a sleek and modern aesthetic, minimising joins and maintenance.

Classico quartz surfaces possess numerous advantages over other types of surface materials. Quartz – one of nature’s strongest and most abundant minerals – has a rating of seven (out of ten) on the Mohs scale, which measures the hardness of a mineral. Classico surfaces offer four times the flexural strength and double the impact resistance of granite.

The deluxe Summer Rye is composed of a warm light brown structure with soft wisps of white throughout.


Residential, Commercial, Bathroom walls, Bench / Vanity tops, Bath surrounds


Beige, Brown


20mm thickness

Abrasion Resistance

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Slip Resistance

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Classico Summer Rye