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Rejuvenation Grout

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Restoration of tired grout is usually a difficult and time-consuming process traditionally attempted with grout pens, or by re-grouting shallow joints. Such practices often result in uneven finishes which can worsen the original problem. Alternatively, attempts can be made to mechanically remove and replace the grout, which may damage the tiles.

Parex Davco’s Rejuvenation Grout solves all of these problems. The grout is formulated to quickly fill any depressions or cavities in the grout. To achieve the best results use a conventional squeegee to apply the grout and wash off carefully, avoiding removal of the new grout. Despite the shallow depth the grout bonds firmly and remains sound for external and internal applications, including damp areas such as swimming pools.

This mould and bacteria resistant addition to the Parex Davco range is available in 1.7kg  units (which cover approx. 20 square metres) and 6 popular colours.

Residential installations, Commercial projects



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    B.A.T. Trims

  • Kerabond Plus and Isolastic

    Mapei Australia

  • Amber Tradie App

    Amber Tiles Australia

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rejuvenation grout