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Davco Elite Silicone

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Davco Elite Silicone is a one component, non-sag, permanently flexible, neutral cure silicone sealant. It has been designed to match the Elite ColourGrout range of contemporary colours. Elite Silicone is engineered to deliver excellent adhesion to tiles, stone, glass, aluminium and most common building materials. Elite Silicone is bacteria resistant, offers consistent caulking and smoothing, is non-paintable and is available in 10 contemporary colours. Elite Silicone is suitable for interior and exterior applications as well as commercial and domestic walls, floors, windows and doors. 

Prime Characteristics 

• Excellent adhesion to tiles
• Bacteria resistant
• Consistent caulking and smoothing
• Non-paintable
• Neutral cure
• Ideal for natural stones 



  • FG8

    Ardex Australia

  • DuPont Daily Stone & Tile Benchtop Cleaner

    Sareen Stone

  • APC 60 Cove Trim

    B.A.T. Trims

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Davco Elite Silicone