Cottoforte & Majolica
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Glazed double fired tiles (i.e. tiles that have undergone two separate firings, the first the biscuit alone, the second the biscuit complete with glaze) with a porous, coloured biscuit, shaped by pressing.

Whilst these two products can be described collectively, we should point out that Majolica remains a typically Italian product that has been available for many decades. It has been used extensively worldwide, almost always as a decorative wall tile. It is always fired twice (bicottura); popular sizes range from 15x15cms to 20x20cms.

Normally these tiles are embellished by the inclusion of a wide range of decorative listellos, insets, strip, edge pieces, inserts and other decorative tile.

Cottoforte on the other hand is a tougher tile, often used in domestic floors where tiles are not subjected to excessive foot traffic.

Technical Characteristics

Despite high water absorption (15%-25%), these products boast good mechanical strength. Intense technological research has granted manufacturers the ability to produce highly decorative wall and floor tiles.


Primarily floor and wall in domestic environments.


Tiling Example
These traditional Italian clays can be fired and decorated to produce a wide variety of decorative floor and wall tiles.