White Body Tile
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White Body Earthenware & Monocottura Chiara

White Body Earthenware is a tile that has been glazed and double fired, with a porous white biscuit (body) shaped by pressing. This material is ideal for subtle colour decoration. It is widely available in sizes ranging from 15x15cms to 25x20cms. Predominately used as an interior wall tile or for bathroom floors.

White Body Monocottura Chiara is a relatively new material that is single fired, i.e. glaze and biscuit are fired simultaneously. This format boasts low water resistance and is available in numerous sizes up to 60x60cms. Ideal for interior or exterior usage. Extremely durable.

Like all ceramic products, White Body (Earthenware) has undergone radical change in recent years. Tiles are tiles, I hear you say, true enough, but in addition to the typical types illustrated in this guide, there are many other variations and special decorative effects that offer consumers an opportunity to mix'n match different styles, finishes and formats to create a truly individual design.

Tiling Example
A fine example of highly durable `Monocottura Chiara', from Italian giant Cisa.
Many of the recent changes in tile are the result of improvements and refinements made to the strength of the tile body (bisque) and the all important glaze, which is inevitably tougher. This has resulted in the appearance of a new floor tile grade. Grade V (refer to table on facing page).

Nowadays White Body tile may also be referred to as Monocottura Chiara, or single fired White Body tile. These tiles are produced worldwide, with the centre of production and development based in Italy. Typically produced from iron-free clays, imported from France or Germany, the bisque (body) varies in colour from light grey to beige.

Predominently produced as floor tiles, the finished product has low water absorption (less than 3%) and is widely used for both interior and exterior applications. Normal sizes are 30x30cms or 40x40cms. They may also be produced as large as 60x60cms for special projects (i.e. ventilated walls).

Technical Characteristics

Double fired, typical White Body Earthenware tile contains a wide variety of materials, principally kaolinite, the finished product exhibits high abrasion resistance; whilst Monocottura Chiara offers high frost, weather and chemical resistance.