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A truly ancient and spectacular material that because of its shape and flexibility can be applied to curved or radiused surfaces. Perfect for the interior of pools or any interior floor or wall situation. In its most original forms it was formed by literally combining small pebbles or stones (terrerae) that were used to tile ancient squares, streets, yards, gardens, villas and arcades.

The art of decorative Mosaic tiling is carried on by modern mosaicists who are inspired by the product and its true potential. A key element of this year's Cersaie exhibition, Mosaic is making a comeback.

Manufacturers of ceramic and porcelain tile are producing 20x20mm and 30x30mm floor and wall tiles that resemble mosaic in the ancient pebble format (Fig.1) and in the regular 50mm squares. If you feel suitably inspired and really want to create something totally unique, then turn to ceramic or glass Mosaic available on 300x300mm sheets that can be cut to blend together to create a stunning mural or geometric design.

Tiling Example Mosaic look alike tiles, Ceramic or Porcelain (Fig.1 left) can be used to engender the beauty of a mosaic floor or wall finish. A great innovative development, but remember real mosaic is just as dependable and far more flexible. (Fig.2 right) Tiling Example